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The truth

Do You Want the Truth?

The truth is for most of us our life is dictated by our thoughts. We have a thought, similar thoughts are attracted to the theme and then we believe the picture in our head and that becomes our reality.

We are actually controlled by our thoughts and most of them are random, or stimulated by something external to us.

When you consider some of the thought patterns we have it’s scary!

Let’s face it most of our thoughts have come from beliefs that have been forged by other peoples conditioning us to believe the way they believe. And yes, I’m including parents, friends, teachers as well as those who want to manipulate us.

In summary, your life is as it is because you have allowed your thoughts to carry on dictating who you are and the life you should live without ever questioning where the thoughts come from or if the attached beliefs are really yours or someone else’s influence.

I promise you to live the life you were meant to live all you need do is be conscious of your thoughts, choose those that serve you, form beliefs based on your choices and then allow the perfect reality to unfold.



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