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Tangible, life-altering results based on 20 years of insights from Transpersonal Psychology, quantum physics, philosophy and metaphysics.

Redefine your success on authentic terms with this

Advanced 6-month program developed by Ronan Rooney.

Learn More About Nexus Rising

Prepare to shatter your perceptions

No, it's not another coaching program.
It's a solution that finally works.

Nexus Mastery is about tangible,
life-altering results while deepening
your level of consciousness.

Get ready to experience a level of personal evolution you never thought was possible.

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Let's get straight to the point: what is the Nexus Mastery Program?

It's a 6-month group program developed for established visionaries and freethinkers like you, who feel there must be more to life than just excelling at business. When you feel that something is still missing

The Nexus Mastery program goes beyond discovering your true self and finding your real purpose. It's about understanding how the world truly works and navigating it with intelligence and insight.


And the best part? You won't need to sacrifice your professional identity or lifestyle – our approach empowers you to integrate consciousness elevation seamlessly into your life.

Change your perception of reality with a structured framework over 6 months:

➡️ How YOU work

➡️ How the World works

➡️ How Purpose-Finding works

➡️ How Consciousness Works

➡️ How Quantum Physics work

➡️ How your Evolution works

Expert Guidance

Led by Ronan Rooney, owner of Rooney Real Estate Group, Certified Transpersonal Psychology coach with a Master’s Degree in Consciousness Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy & Applied Mathematical Science. He is also a published author of the mind-expanding books: The Secret of Life, The True Nature of Our Reality and Conscious Awareness.

Holistic Approach

We take a holistic approach to your development, addressing various aspects of your life to foster growth and transformation. From understanding universal laws to uncovering the real nature of your reality, each month focuses on a different theme to help you achieve balance and fulfilment.

Community Connection

Join a supportive community of like-minded individuals who are on a similar journey of personal growth and self-discovery. Share experiences, insights, and challenges with peers who understand and encourage your growth every step of the way.

Structured Framework

Our program provides a clear and structured framework, ensuring that you stay on track with your journey. With monthly live sessions and new learning materials delivered every week, you'll have consistent support and guidance along the way.

Transformational Learning

Our program goes beyond surface-level knowledge, delving deep into topics such as purpose-finding, consciousness, and quantum physics. Through transformational learning experiences, you'll gain profound insights and perspectives that will shape your understanding of yourself and the world around you.

Experiential Focus:

You benefit from Ronan sharing his personal experiences to support the teachings. More importantly this program focuses on ensuring you not only take in the information intellectually but you absorb it fully by personally experiencing it through various meditations, exercises and techniques.

"Ronan’s work convinces me even more of what I have believed for a very long time: we are missing out on what it is to be truly alive and fully aware of what we need to know and how to integrate it. Every one of us deserves a brilliant life. The ingredients are here."


Gareth O’Callaghan, Author | Radio Presenter

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Honour your authenticity in every aspect of your life to pave the way for a journey free of regrets

As an ambitious executive or entrepreneur with a thirst for deeper understanding, you'll appreciate our focus on equipping you with the tools and techniques to find deeper meaning and purpose in your life. A legacy that goes beyond your career.


Worried about what others might think? I’ve been there. Until I realised that honouring my authentic self doesn’t mean I have to put on a robe and meditate for 12 hours a day.


I created the Nexus Mastery Program with exactly this in mind.

To share with you my 20+ years of knowledge and experience in transpersonal psychology, quantum physics, philosophy and metaphysics.

I remember when I learned how to meditate I would spend all my time there but I then realised a few years later it’s not about staging in the meditative state it's about bringing the state of peace, focus and high intuition into the external world beyond the meditation that’s really important. 

Success isn't just about external titles or awards

IIt's about inner fulfilment and leaving a lasting imprint on the world -  a legacy that transcends time and resonates with authenticity.

If you enjoy having conversations about the deeper meaning of life instead of just your business endeavours then the NEXUS MASTERY program will challenge you in ways that will, dare I say? Blow your mind.


If you’re anything like me who simply can’t accept that life is just about becoming successful at work, then you’ve just found the next exciting chapter of your life. There’s a whole different reality to finding new meaning and purpose in your life. 

There's a way to thrive in every aspect of your life while staying true to yourself.

You don’t have to sacrifice personal relationships for financial success.

You don’t have to prioritise your work over your health to be established. 


With Nexus Mastery, you will: 

✅ Harness your mind's potential for creativity and innovation

✅ Discover deeper levels of self-awareness

✅ Gain clarity on your purpose and place in the world

✅ Have better mental power and genuine self-confidence

✅ Pursue meaningful new goals with authenticity

✅ Deepen your relationships

"It is one thing, on a personal level, to know the essential truths about what is of value in one own life. However, it is another thing to be able to empower other people to gain those insights for themselves. Ronan proves that he has the ability to do that."

Leslie Fieger, author

"How can a business owner be in the right state for optimum energy and performance?  How does one keep at the leading edge and have the clarity, wisdom, and insight to make the right decisions?  I believe the answer lies with what Ronan Rooney teaches."

James Martin, Trainer

"I feel re-energized and hungry to take on the challenges facing me. Ronan has given me clarity in what I need to do to achieve my potential and the tools to get to my potential."

Ed Corless, Company Director

Silencing the Inner Chatter

It's not just about reaching your peak flow level – it's about remaining there, in a state of clarity and purpose that guides every aspect of your life.

The pressures of business and life can take a toll on even the strongest individuals. It got to me as well. 


Many of my colleagues experienced the financial insolvency that I experienced from the Irish property crash of 2008. Those (like me initially) who chose to believe we had it all under control suffered while those who accepted it and made sure to manage the stress survived successfully.


Our minds were not designed to withstand the constant bombardment of information and data. But at Nexus Mastery, we believe in equipping you with the tools and techniques to navigate these challenges with deeper meaning. 

Potential 3 for zoom background.jpg

When I learned how to free the mind from the conditioned random habitual thinking I made room for the true insights to come through.


That's when I really started to change my perception of reality and my reality followed suit which is where all my successes have come from.

Believe it or not, from a wider perspective, everything is happening in perfect balance. With methods derived from Transpersonal Psychology, quantum physics, philosophy and metaphysics you can regain the truth about deeper meaning and purpose.

Month 1: Legacy on Authentic Terms

This is how YOU work

Replace your conditioned self with your real one. Dive deep into the essence of fulfilment and discover who your authentic self truly is. Gain insights into building a meaningful legacy on authentic terms, setting the foundation for your transformative journey.

✅ Mastery Insights:

  • the development of the personality

  • the power of creative thought

  • creating the perfect reality

  • the universal laws governing our world

  • re-defining the Self

✅ 2 hour live group session with Ronan Rooney  

✅ guided meditations

✅ practical exercises, tools & techniques 

Month 2: Understanding Universal Laws

This is how the WORLD works

Explore the hidden forces that drive your success and failures. Understand what lies beyond your perceived reality and uncover the universal laws at play in your life. Gain clarity on how the world truly works and harness these insights to propel yourself towards success.

✅ Mastery Insights:

  • understanding conditioning

  • managing the emotional layers

  • mental understanding insights

  • the power of intuition

  • discerning relationships

✅ 2 hour live group session with Ronan Rooney  

✅ the benefits of mindfullness  

primordial sound meditation understanding & techniques

multiverse mind mastery skills

practical exercises, tools & techniques

Month 3: Finding Purpose

This is how Purpose-Finding works

Release the fear of regrets and embrace your true place and purpose in the world. Delve into purpose-finding techniques and discover what more you can do to live a purposeful life. Gain clarity on your life's mission and take meaningful steps towards fulfilling it.

✅ Mastery Insights:

  • understanding the social system breakdown

  • recognising global shifts and evolution

  • the authenticity of social regulatory systems 

  • the power of belief

  • mental health & depression

✅ 2 hour live group session with Ronan Rooney  

Transpersonal Psychology techniques

✅ Mind Mastery Imprinting

practical exercises, tools & techniques

Month 4: Exploring Interconnectedness

This is how Consciousness Works

Elevate your understanding of interconnectedness through different states of consciousness. Explore where you belong and discover the significance of your existence. Dive deep into the mysteries of consciousness and uncover profound truths about the interconnected nature of all things.

✅ Teachings:

  • the nature of our intuitive, relative and absolute reality

  • theory and states of consciousness

  • meditation and manifestation

  • new global systems

  • awakening experiences in consciousness

✅ 2 hour live group session with Ronan Rooney  

✅  meditations

practical exercises, tools & techniques

Month 5: Uncovering Quantum Reality

The deeper questions of life

Satiate your thirst for knowledge and delve into the power of knowing the truth about who and what we are, the fundamentals of life and death with an entry intro the world of quantum physics. Explore the real nature of your reality and unlock the secrets of the humanity’s evolution. Gain a deeper understanding of how conscious awareness and quantum physics shapes your perception of the world and empowers you to create your reality.

✅ Teachings:

  • who and what we humans are

  • understanding our senses and the intellect

  • exploring religion spirituality good and evil

  • understanding death dying and afterlife

  • conscious awareness quantum science and philosophy

  • psychic energy parapsychology and our evolutionary journey

✅ 2 hour live group session with Ronan Rooney  

✅ meditations

practical exercises, tools & techniques

Month 6: Self-Awareness and Evolution

This is how your Evolution works

Ascend to a higher level of self-awareness and leverage your newfound elevated state of consciousness in your day-to-day life. Evaluate your role as a role model, assess your impact, and unleash your full potential. Embrace your evolution and embark on a journey of continual growth and transformation.


  • Exploring the various theories of reality

  • spiritual knowing and awakening

  • conscious awareness and the substratum of love

  • exploring a universal spirituality

  • demonstrating the enlightenment of non-duality

  • relax realisation and the Authentic Self

  • Who you are to become Ego or Self understanding your true beingness

  • Model for continued empowerment

✅ 2 hour live group session with Ronan Rooney  

✅ meditations

practical exercises, tools & techniques


Master your peak flow state with elevated levels of consciousness

Self-discovery, empowerment and mastery with insights derived from philosophy, psychology, metaphysics and quantum science supported by personal study and experience.


As a student of the NEXUS MASTERY program you’ll gain access to:

  • 2-hour live group sessions each month with Ronan

  • Mastery insights (15 hours a month)

  • Quarterly live Q&A sessions with Ronan

  • The Secret of Life (ebook)

  • The True Nature of Our Reality (ebook)

  • Conscious Awareness (ebook)

  • The 12 Stages to Personal Enlightenment (course)

  • Personal Enlightenment Meditations (course)

  • Advanced Mind Mastery exercises 

  • Transpersonal psychology mastery techniques

  • Access to extended resources library

  • 12-month Premier membership of THE NEXUS CIRCLE

  • Community and networking opportunities with other visionary members of the Nexus Circle

What's the investment?

I believe in being fully transparent about your investment as my overall mission is to support people like you who are actively seeking answers to the bigger questions of life.

The investment for joining the Nexus Mastery Group Program is €7,199 (Inclusive of €1,345 VAT) which will also give you 12 months of premium membership access to the Nexus Circle.


This includes full access to the NEXUS MASTERY program content, a continually expanding exclusive resource library and access to the NEXUS Circle - the integrated premier members group platform for inspiration, co collaboration and cooperation. Exclusive to NEXUS MASTERY program participants only.

Ronan sitting smiling.png

Meet your teacher: ronan rooney

Owner of Rooney Real Estate Group, Certified Transpersonal Psychology coach with a Master’s Degree in Consciousness Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy & Applied Mathematical Science.

He is also an internationally acclaimed speaker and author of the mind-expanding books: The Secret of Life, The True Nature of Our Reality and Conscious Awareness.

"The Secret of Life is a compelling and idea-rich book that will help you live your best life." 

Robin Sharma, author of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari 


12 Months Free Membership of NEXUS Circle the integrated premier members group platform for inspiration, co collaboration and cooperation. Exclusive to NEXUS MASTERY members only.


What is the investment? You get full access to this amazing program for €7,199 (€5,852 excluding VAT)

Do you offer refunds? If an unexpected event happens before you begin the course we will consider a full refund.

Do I need to have any past experience of this type of work? No previous experience or training or study is needed.

How long is the program? This is a 6 month program with weekly insights and teachings.

I’m not an entrepreneur, can I still join? Sure, this is open to all who want to improve, excel and optimise themselves.

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