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"A successful life involves the discovery and understanding of one's true nature and purpose involving a deeper awareness of oneself and one's place in the world. 

My Dharma or life purpose is to help as many as I can realise that our natural state is one of peace, joy and happiness .

To encourage self inquiry, awaken the True Authentic Self,  become Self realised and remain in that state while living the life they were meant to live. "

My wish for you is simply to live the life you were meant to be and be the best expression of your true inner divine Self.

Ronan Rooney MSc BSc BA

Philosopher | Psychologist | Metaphysician 


Ronan is an internationally acclaimed speaker, author and teacher. He is a Philosopher, Psychologist & Metaphysician with a BSc, a BA in Philosophy & Applied Mathematical Science and MSc in Consciousness, Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology.


He is also a Certified Authentic Self Facilitator,  Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor and Transpersonal Psychology Coach. 

An expert in Consciousness, Self-Mastery and Spiritual Realisation he has studied worldwide with some of the most influential people in consciousness, spirituality and human development.

In his writings, teachings and presentations he employs a combination of self-inquiry, mastery of consciousness & transpersonal psychology.

He has published three books with numerous endorsements including Deepak Chopra, Robin Sharma, Steve Taylor, Leslie Fieger and Dean Radin. 

As a speaker he has presented in Ireland, UK, Spain, Germany, US and Australia and has been endorsed by both the Irish and UK presidents of the Professional Speakers Association.​

As a teacher he has been providing written, audio and video insights to explain the Self, our World and the true nature of our Reality so that you discover who you really are, identify with your true Authentic Self, express your unique divine essence and live the life you were meant to live as an integral part of the greater Divine plan.


BA Philosophy & Applied Mathematical Science, BSc.

MSc Consciousness Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology.


Certified Transpersonal Psychology coach

Authentic Self-Empowerment Coach (IACTM)

Certified ASE Facilitator (Authentic Self-Empowerment)

Certified Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor (CCU) Chopra Centre University

Authentic Self-Empowerment Advanced Facilitator (ASE)

Certified Cellular Energy Healing practitioner (Reike, Seicim, Integrated Energy Therapy)

Certified in Psychic Energy development

Certified in Vedanta & Vedic Astrology

Business Achievements:

Price Waterhouse Coopers ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ Finalist

Impact Media ‘Elevate’ Awards Finalist

Professional Speakers Association Ireland Speaker Factor Winner

Represented Ireland in the Professional Speakers Association Mega Fusion Awards Conference in UK


Philosophy, Metaphysics, Psychology, Quantum physics, Parapsychology, Meditation, Consciousness & Advaita Vedanta.


Personal interests:

Soccer, Singing, Travelling, Reading, Writing, Meditating & Retreats.

Past-time Achievements:

6th in Irish amateur equestrian showjumping awards. Multiple lead singer roles in a number of musicals. Soccer Club captain, 1st team captain and reserve manager simultaneously.


Personal Achievements:

Conquered depression, Survived insolvency, Experienced Self-Realisation.


Professional Memberships:

International Association of Coaches, Therapists & Mentors (IACTM)

Transpersonal Coaching Therapy Network (TCTN)

International Network for Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology (INHNLP)

Authentic Self-Empowerment (ASE)

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