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To live a successful life you have to know who you really are, how the world really works and what part you are to play.


What if I told you all the answers to all your questions about life and living were available to you right now? How would that make a difference in your life?


Our belief systems have dictated how we perceive our world but we have allowed external influences to control us when the truth is we can direct our thoughts to favour a more meaningful interpretation of reality. Managing your thoughts means control of your emotions and control of your reality.

What’s it all about?

Being Expertly Guided

Led by Ronan Rooney, owner of Rooney Real Estate Group, Certified Transpersonal Psychology coach with a Master’s Degree in Consciousness Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy & Applied Mathematical Science. He is also a published author of the mind-expanding books: The Secret of Life, The True Nature of Our Reality and Conscious Awareness.

Finding out and being who you really are

To live a truly successful life you have to know who you are, how the world works and what part you are to play. 

You create your world and if it’s not exactly as you want it you have to change. But that doesn’t mean pulling on the robes and retiring to the mountains. 

Understanding How you've been conditioned

Yes you like everyone else has been moulded into the person you are through conditioning by the teachers you have had in your life. Like all teachers some are great and some not so great. As with teachers in business you need to identify and embrace the teachings that serve you and discard the ones that don’t.

Managing Stress

If you recognise stress is becoming a part of your life, guess what? You’re not alone. I was so stressed I would wake at night to think about what I needed to be stressed about. And no it's not our natural state and yes you can conquer stress. 

Managing your thoughts

Take the time out to realise that your thoughts dictate your life and the majority of them are pure random habitual patterns of thought mostly inherited and influenced by others. You can manage of your thoughts its not that your thoughts control you which Is where many of us find ourselves. This also determines how you perceive your world reality. Learn to manage and change your thoughts to fully you take back your power.

Developing all your senses for optimum peak flow

The physical senses only present a fraction of reality. When you go beyond them to the Intuitive senses and the wisdom deep inside you beyond the clutter of the mind you reach the peak flow state.


The NEXUS Explore Course

Gaining control over one’s thoughts, emotions, behaviours, and habits.

who am i really?

One of the most asked questions is who am I really? And no it's not the person you usually show to the world, you are more than that. 

I was playing my various roles so well I never thought to find out who was behind the role.When I did I discovered I am so much more than the roles I play. 

Usually it’s just a matter of taking the time to reflect on what’s important in your life.


When I took the time to wonder I realised my business success was just a drop in the ocean of what my life successes had to offer.

Believe me it’s never too late to be the person you were meant to be and live the life you were meant to live. 

I resisted looking at my life for fear I would want an over hall and others around me would suffer. I was scared to open what might be a can of worms. Concerned I might get “too enlightened” and freak everyone out. But once I dropped the fear and embraced my true purpose everyone around me benefitted. I became more than the role I was playing for them and became a much more pleasant person to be around with. 


We can feel very alone because we have forgotten we are part of something bigger. 

All through my teens I felt weird, lonely, isolated and different and to combat the fear of facing it all I rebelled. When I realised this all the feelings of separation, loneliness and isolation fell away. I stopped filling the void with bad habits, my worries fell away and I realised I am so much more than what I thought.

A Life Without Stress

We all accept that stress is a part of our lives but do we ever really address, alleviate and treat it? Until I trained and implemented new mindfulness practices, mind mastery and meditative techniques I was heading towards a major crash. But that’s not all that’s needed. I still had a mental crash. My meditation practice prolonged the crash because I didn't explore the fundamental issues causing the turmoil. 

ronan and the sun.jpeg

I pushed my boundaries of my psyche thinking that I needed to do more, filling any free time with yet another project until my mind imploded with the pressure and inevitably crashed.

It's actually ironic that the crash happened then eventually from the overload of my Masters in Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology which I would have vowed and argued at the time was to progress my personal and spiritual development.


Three months in a mental hospital with an unprecedented level of care, under some of the most wonderful people brought me back to what was to be my new reality. This involved changing the previously accepted business model and challenges for a more authentic, productive and successful business life and a happier and more fulfilling life.

It was only when I addressed the underlying causes that I bounced back and regained control. 

Discover who you really are, what the world is really all about and what part you have to play

With NEXUS Explore what are the benefits?  

  • Stress management

  • Real Self Discovery

  • Understanding how the mind works

  • Managing your thoughts and changing them into Creative thoughts

  • You will learn that Meditation is not that difficult and it really can boost your productivity and creativity while reducing your stress levels 

  • Learn about how the limitation of the senses has been holding you back

  • Identify what is YOUR best reality and how to create that with visualisation techniques

  • Realising by being your True Self how you’re contributing to something bigger than yourself 

  • How to activate your peak flow state


Wanting to improve yourself and to grow is natural for us all. But when you really embrace this and allow yourself the gift of personal development I found you not only become a happier person but you enliven and infuse others with the energy.

What you will learn

What's Included?

  • The Secret Of Life Book (ebook)

  • The 12 Steps to Personal Enlightenment (video series)

  • The Personal Enlightenment Meditations (video series)

What's to be learned?

Gaining control over one’s thoughts, emotions, behaviours, and habits.

What's the focus?

Activating Peak Flow state - DE STRESS & RELAX

Who Is The Teacher?

Led by Ronan Rooney, owner of Rooney Real Estate Group, Certified Transpersonal Psychology coach with a Master’s Degree in Consciousness Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy & Applied Mathematical Science. He is also a published author behind the mind-expanding books: The Secret of Life, The True Nature of Our Reality and Conscious Awareness.

Let me leave you with this...

Uncertainty can be a challenge and change can be a scary place but when I accepted uncertainty as a way to grow and embraced change as a natural evolution for my personal development my world was transformed to an oasis of probability and wonder. I created so much more than I would if I had allowed my limitations to stunt me. 


In 2011, the banks were threatening with a foreclosure of the family home and assets and I couldn’t see a way out. Once I fully accepted the uncertainty and where I was, I started believing in myself and realised that things will work out. Within 2 years I became debt free while also saving the family business

In NEXUS Explore I share the tools and techniques I used.

Ronan Rooney MSc BSc BA

What they have said...

"The Secret of Life is a compelling and idea-rich book that will help you live your best life."

Robin Sharma, Author of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

“A book is merely the expression of the author's consciousness. If the consciousness is well-rounded, clear and fine and its expression in book-form likewise, the experience of reading it will have a catalytic effect, which triggers the readers mind off in new directions and into fresh pastures of personal success potential. Ronan has pulled this feat off with aplomb.“ 

Barefoot Doctor UK

"It is one thing, on a personal level, to know the essential truths about what is of value in one own life. However, it is another thing to be able to empower other people to gain those insights for themselves. Ronan proves that he has the ability to do that."

Leslie Fieger, Author The Delfin Trilogy

"Ronan Rooney moves beyond the traditional personal development and coaching techniques and delivers a powerful set of tools for achieving fulfilment in work, life and every area of your life. Overall an amazing program which can be applied immediately and works!"

Gene Browne, CEO The City Bin Company


"How can a business owner be in the right state for optimum energy and performance?  How does one keep at the leading edge and have the clarity, wisdom, and insight to make the right decisions?  I believe the answer lies with what Ronan Rooney teaches."

James Martin, Trainer


"An amazing experience. The start of a new beginning. Ronan you have enlightenened that thing called life."

Syra Reid, Social Care Worker


"I feel re-energized and hungry to take on the challenges facing me. Ronan has given me clarity in what I need to do to achieve my potential and the tools to get to my potential."

Ed Corless, Company Director Ireland


"I now know where I want to go in life. It’s only taken me 33 years to learn it! Thanks Ronan."

Jackie Company Director

"This... has changed my life. I am so grateful... Ronan talks the talk and walks it also. "

Marie Psychotherapist


Really terrific & enlightening. I discovered many things about me and my prejudices, how to alter my conditioning and free up my mind to go after my goals in a fearless way.

Gary Caulfield DiginetBiz Ireland


"It was thought provoking. Some very sound practical advice presented in an understanding way. Will be of great benefit. "



"You come away with more positive and enlightened, feeling no matter what life experiences you go through they are for your own development. You can achieve anything."



"Ronan has done an amazing job, in my quest for a quieter happier life with focus Ronan has given me the inspiration I need to restart the journey and the understanding of how I can achieve."

Paul Murphy Ireland


"I came with an open mind and left with my mind opened. I would recommend this to everyone who wants clarity direction and belief going forward in their life."

Mark Kelly Ireland

In a world that seems to be imploding don’t you think it’s time you finally got the truth about who you really are, what the world is really about and what is the underlying force that is behind everything and everyone. 

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