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The Real Meaning Of Life

With the true nature and real meaning of life residing and to be discovered in the absolute realm, we inevitably miss it. We are not content to just enjoy the appreciation of life. We must dissect it. We must know it and yet the greatest secret of all is that you cannot know or intellectualise life in its truest form.

Ronan Rooney MSc BSc BA is a Philosopher, Transpersonal Psychologist and Metaphysical Author.

He has a BA in Philosophy & Applied Mathematical Science and a Masters MSc in Consciousness, Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology and is an internationally acclaimed author and speaker. #ronanrooneypodcast #thesecretoflife #ronanrooney #TheTrueNatureOfOurReality @niallghostwriterphd @Bookhub_publishing @susanjanemckenna

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