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Updated: May 3

If all there is is energy, don’t you think it’s important to try and understand energy, to see how it works, to see how it manifests in our reality, to see how we can use it to control the circumstances in our lives?

Our challenges show us where we entertain this perceived separation from our energy Source. It is when we feel our separateness that it is at its greatest. The opposite of this is Enlightenment. Matter is our consciousness reflected in form. It is energy reflecting on itself into the form that is matter—the building blocks of our physical Universe. 

All holistic cellular healing techniques are based on healing energies. Common to them all is their focus on ways to trigger the energy centers in the body and facilitate unblocking the flow of energy.  

If you find that you’re in the presence of somebody who is depleting your energy, you have to consciously decide with definite intention, that they keep their energies to themselves and stop draining yours. 

Intuitive love-based energies should be welcomed and understood, joyously relished, and acted upon. Fear-based energies should be acknowledged and allowed to storm through, regardless of the discomfort and distress they may leave, temporarily, in their wake. 

Understand that vibration is energy. Energy is everything! Everything is vibrating, from the rocks vibrating at a very dense frequency to the plants vibrating at a higher level, to us vibrating at a higher level still, to Source at the highest and finest level of all. It is all vibration. It is the same vibration that is consciousness, which infuses and informs everything, and of which we are a part. This vibration is Source. 

It is important to understand The Law of Attraction relative to energy. Energy is positively or negatively charged, with positive charges attracting and being attracted to other positive energies, and the negative attracting and being attracted to other negatives. 

Everything in this world is happening, spinning, occurring, and vibrating in perfect divine order—from nature and the seasons to people and chance meetings, to the Cosmos and the continuing existence of Earth. Yes, everything is simply as it is. Everything is in perfect relation to everything else. Everything “fits”.

There is no such thing as a coincidence in the way we define coincidences today, i.e., two or more chance occurrences with no relationship between them. Coincidences are positive energy charges returning to the Source. Whenever you experience what you believe is a coincidence, stop and take time to reflect on it because there is a specific and quite important lesson to be learned, or an opportunity to be seized. There is an intimate and meaningful relationship between the factors coinciding.

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