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The Divine Connection that is our purest reality

We are always connected to each other and our Divine source in the absolute realm which is the only real existence of being.

We can also experience this through our physical being in the relative realm that is the world of form and matter around us.

In this realm, relish in the moment of connection to Source, revere the experience, then let it go. Do not try to understand or teach it but share by example through the relative expression of the Jiva (your individual Soul) which is itself then the reflection of the absolute expression of the Atman (the Divine Soul within) in the absolute reality.

Our whole life existence is about reconnecting to God as the essence of who we are and remaining in that state throughout.

Awareness is love objectified as the substratum that allows for the Soul to enter and leave the world. Love is what increases the light of humanity from the darkness.

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