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The answers are within

We are encouraged to attend this or that psychologist/counsellor or program with the promise that our worries and stress will be alleviated.

This allows us to define with meaning the challenges we might be having in our mental lives.

We would rather address the adverse effects of the stress and pressures of life and work through a third-party intermediary than go within ourselves to address the issue head on.

This is because we have been led and conditioned to believe that much of what we seek in meaning is external to ourselves when in effect it is the opposite.

All the answers are within us, but our intellectual distortion negates this.

We choose to succumb to anti-depressants as opposed to facing what has us mentally challenged in the first place. It’s easier to take drugs to numb the pain than to face the challenge and make the changes in our lives that our inner self is crying out for.

Why not go within and search for the answers to whats out of balance in our life in advance of developing a mental illness.

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