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My Mental History and is this a pandemic beginning to affect our youth?

I know from personal experience when in that depressed state nothing makes sense. There is a feeling of no way out no matter what solution is presented often described as a black cloud surrounding the head. The chemical imbalance in the brain is such that the brain cannot recognize the answers to the problem. It gets stuck on the immediate present imbalanced focus without being able to shift from this perspective to see the true light of reason.

I remember the day it happened that I knew I couldn’t go on. I had been having dark thoughts and suicidal plans. I would drive to the harbor at the sea close to our house and spent hours procrastinating. I would write pages and pages about how useless I was, what a failure I was and how I had messed up things. I would gaze into the sea water before me and contemplate if I just walked out and kept walking, I could leave the pain behind.

Fuelled initially by the pressure of the mental demands in the emerging modern world in recent times the disease of mental illness has spread to our youth. A large proportion are being prescribed anti-depressants and anxiety-based medicine like Xanax.

While they may not be faced with the mental pressure the older generations experienced, they have faced an even greater mental adversity that has developed through social media and other mentally focused demands from modern technology.

The speed of life has escalated to such a degree that it has proven a challenge for this next generation to take a pause. The seriousness of this situation is understood when you consider that this is the next generation of leaders who will be burdened with the duty of the development of the world. How they perform will determine our global reality picture.

Yet I believe the next generations are more evolved than we are and so in a better position and state to progress once we older ones get out of the way!

Mental illness and depression stunts creativity, frustrates sound reasoning and the impairs the ability to make proper choices all of which are required for the betterment of humanity. It is important that we support our next generation to combat the current pandemic.

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