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Owner of Rooney Real Estate Group, Certified Transpersonal Psychology coach with a Master’s Degree in Consciousness Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy & Applied Mathematical Science.

He is an internationally acclaimed speaker and author of the mind-expanding books: The Secret of Life, The True Nature of Our Reality and Conscious Awareness.

Having applied his teachings to his life to overcome grief, depression, insolvency and to build the success he now enjoys in all areas of his life - personal & professional he felt compelled to create NEXUS MASTERY.

To share his 20+ years of knowledge and experience in transpersonal psychology, quantum physics, philosophy and metaphysics on a platform for integrated learning and support.

About Ronan

Ronan Rooney MSc BSc BA
Philosopher | Psychologist | Metaphysician

What They Say

Deepak Chopra.jpeg

"Ronan Rooney presents a clear understanding of the laws governing our world and determining our reality in a way that is easy to understand and apply to everyday life."

DEEPAK CHOPRA author of over 95 books translated into over forty-three languages, including numerous New York Times bestsellers.

"The Secret of Life is a compelling and idea-rich book that will help you live your best life."

ROBIN SHARMA Top 5 Leadership Experts in the world as well as an internationally acclaimed bestselling author of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and others.

"It is one thing, on a personal level, to know the essential truths about what is of value in one own life. However, it is another thing to be able to empower other people to gain those insights for themselves. Ronan proves that he has the ability to do that."

LESLIE FIEGER Creator of the Delfin Trilogy Personal Development Program with over $100 million in sales

"A passionate, inspiring call to realise our true selves and our true potential. Ronan Rooney shows that the future of the Earth is inextricably linked to the evolution of human consciousness." 

Steve Taylor PhD, author of The Leap and Extraordinary Awakenings. Senior lecturer in psychology at Leeds Beckett University, UK


“Ronan’s work convinces me even more of what I have believed for a very long time: we are missing out on what it is to be truly alive and fully aware of what we need to know and how to integrate it. Every one of us deserves a brilliant life. The ingredients are here.” 

Gareth O’Callaghan, Author | Radio Presenter


Dr Mary Hynes.jpeg

"Ronan Rooney offers us a comprehensive and clear guide to the true nature of our reality providing practical guidance to connect us with our own true path of spiritual awakening. This will appeal to all who wish to navigate their way to the authentic self. Keep this book close lest you forget who you really are in the world.”

Dr Mary Hynes, Senior Clinical Psychologist


"Ronan is a passionate, enthusiastic and engaging speaker on his topic, presenting sometimes complex ideas in a simple and understanding way that delights his audiences. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a speaker".

Sean Weafer FPSA PSAE President Professional Speaker Association Ireland.

“A wakeup call for the intellect and the Soul. Ronan Rooney takes us on a journey through his profound life journey, drawing from science, spirituality and direct experience, leaving the reader inspired to lead a meaningful life of their own, despite the circumstances we face in the world today!”

Jevon Dangeli, MSc Transpersonal Psychology Coach & Trainer


I heard Ronan Rooney talk for the first time at the recent Professional Speaking Association annual conference in London and loved his relaxed conversational style of speech delivery. I am happy to recommend Ronan to anyone considering Ronan for their audience. He is engaging, makes you think, and leaves you reflecting on your own attitudes to life.

Mike Ogilvie President Professional Speakers Association UK

James Martin.jpeg

"How can a business owner be in the right state for optimum energy and performance? How does one keep at the leading edge and have the clarity, wisdom, and insight to make the right decisions? I believe the answer lies with what Ronan Rooney teaches."

James Martin Business Growth Mentor TeamLife Training, Coaching & Consultancy

"Ronan Rooney moves beyond the traditional personal development and coaching techniques and delivers a powerful set of tools for achieving fulfilment in work, life and every area of your life. Overall an amazing program which can be applied immediately and works!"

Gene Browne, CEO The City Bin Company


"How can a business owner be in the right state for optimum energy and performance?  How does one keep at the leading edge and have the clarity, wisdom, and insight to make the right decisions?  I believe the answer lies with what Ronan Rooney teaches."

James Martin, Trainer


"An amazing experience. The start of a new beginning. Ronan you have enlightenened that thing called life."

Syra Reid, Social Care Worker


"I feel re-energized and hungry to take on the challenges facing me. Ronan has given me clarity in what I need to do to achieve my potential and the tools to get to my potential."

Ed Corless, Company Director Ireland


"I now know where I want to go in life. It’s only taken me 33 years to learn it! Thanks Ronan."

Jackie Company Director

"This... has changed my life. I am so grateful... Ronan talks the talk and walks it also. "

Marie Psychotherapist


Really terrific & enlightening. I discovered many things about me and my prejudices, how to alter my conditioning and free up my mind to go after my goals in a fearless way.

Gary Caulfield DiginetBiz Ireland


"It was thought provoking. Some very sound practical advice presented in an understanding way. Will be of great benefit. "



"You come away with more positive and enlightened, feeling no matter what life experiences you go through they are for your own development. You can achieve anything."



"Ronan has done an amazing job, in my quest for a quieter happier life with focus Ronan has given me the inspiration I need to restart the journey and the understanding of how I can achieve."

Paul Murphy Ireland


"I came with an open mind and left with my mind opened. I would recommend this to everyone who wants clarity direction and belief going forward in their life."

Mark Kelly Ireland


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