Internationally Acclaimed Author & Speaker.

MSc Consciousness, Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology

BA Philosophy & Applied Mathematical Science

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The world is not as we see it, we are not as we have led ourselves to believe we are and humanity is going through a paradigm shift in our evolution of consciousness.

What does this mean for you? Finally, answers to the question who am I, why am I here, how does it all work?

Ronan has an MSc in Consciousness, Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology and a BA in Philosophy & Applied Mathematical Science. He is an internationally acclaimed Author and Speaker and an accredited Transpersonal Psychology Coach and Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor.

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Your consciousness determines your reality.

Learn about the different types of consciousness that we have including the un-conscious, conscious, sub-conscious, super consciousness.

Understand and recognise the 7 states of consciousness.

Realise the true nature of you beyond the conditioned you and take back your power.

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The real you is that person that existed before

the conditioning began. Who you have become

and the live you are living has been

determined by your conditioning.


Our parents, teachers, friends and even ourselves have conditioned ourselves into the life we are living.

It's time to peel back the conditioned layers to reveal the un-conditioned self or Authentic Self and the Life You Were Meant to Live

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Listen to this combination of presentations for a full flavour of Ronan's teaching. The subjects he speaks about and trains. 

For over 20 years and all over the world Ronan has been inspiring audiences and groups with his speaking style, training expertise, knowledge and practice.

As an expert in mastery of consciousness and transpersonal psychology Ronan employs a combination of self inquiry, mastery of consciousness & transpersonal psychology. His keynotes, training & coaching programs are empathetic & motivating and eradicate stress, reignite passion for life and re-connect participants with the authentic Self their best expression.