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One in 4 will suffer from a mental illness like anxiety or depression.

Mental illness takes the longest of all diseases to diagnose fully.

On average the person is extracted sometimes without any preparation for what usually is  8-12 weeks treatment.


Now consider this in the context of you, your senior management or executive team and what it would look like? What would the likely cost be?


If you have a program in place that addresses this challenge then great. If not...

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Your consciousness determines your reality.

Learn about the different types of consciousness that we have including the un-conscious, conscious, sub-conscious, super consciousness.

Understand and recognise the 7 states of consciousness.

Realise the true nature of you beyond the conditioned you and take back your power.

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Work-Life balance is different for everybody. No matter who or what if there is not a balance something will give and usually its our health.

A balance must included all aspects of the self - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and interpersonal.

For optimum performance and to live life fully means having An Integral Practice. This is a set practice which ensures you balance all the modalities and roles you play in your life.

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Ronan tells his story of the path towards balance and life fulfilment. From abundance, to recession, insolvency, depression and then turning full circle to re-invent and express the authentic self once again.

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Ronan Rooney is a Professional Speaker who inspires audiences with an Understanding of how Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology not only determines our Reality but also how its misunderstanding is the cause for any imbalance in our lives. By managing stress, mastering consciousness and expressing the authentic self he enables his clients to live the life they were meant to live.

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The real you is that person that existed before the conditioning began. Who you have become and the live you are living has been determined by your conditioning.


Our parents, teachers, friends and even ourselves have conditioned our selves into the life we are living.

It's time to peel back the conditioned layers to reveal the un-conditioned self or Authentic Self and the Life You Were Meant to Live

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Whats it all About.


Listen to this combination of presentations for a full flavour of Ronan's teaching. The subjects he speaks about and trains. 

For over 20 years and all over the world Ronan has been inspiring audiences and groups with his speaking style, training expertise, knowledge and practice.

As an expert in mastery of consciousness and transpersonal psychology Ronan employs a combination of self inquiry, mastery of consciousness & transpersonal psychology. His keynotes, training & coaching programs are empathetic & motivating and eradicate stress, reignite passion for life and re-connect participants with the authentic Self their best expression.