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Choose which medium suits you best from Ronan’s keynote, training, or coaching programs which range from 1-2 hours to 2-days and all of which are all listed below.


1.     Consider if the focus should be on you, on your team or a   

        combination of both.

2.     Decide which medium would be the closest relative to your

        requirements - keynote, training or coaching

3.     Review the programs from the list below.

4.     If you’re 100% sure then go ahead and Book Ronan now by

        emailing or email a question

5.     If you’re not 100% sure then set up a 15 Min Zoom chat where you

        can access a time in his diary to ensure there’s a fit, to answer

        anymore questions and so that you are matched with the best and

        mostly relevant offering. Call or email for the link to the calendar.


An Internationally acclaimed speaker, author, coach and trainer Ronan is an expert in Philosophy, Consciousness and the Transpersonal. He has been endorsed as a speaker by both the Irish and UK presidents of the Professional Speakers Association, for his writing with endorsements from Deepak Chopra, Robin Sharma, his training, coaching and teaching by countless individuals, organisations and corporations.


Ronan has studied worldwide with some of the most influential people in consciousness spirituality and human development including Deepak Chopra, David Simon, Leslie Fieger, Robin Sharma, James Van Pragh, Les Lancaster, Jessica Bockler, Steve Taylor, Jevon Dangelli and many more.


As an expert in mastery of consciousness and transpersonal psychology Ronan employs a combination of self inquiry, mastery of consciousness & transpersonal psychology. His keynotes, training & coaching programs are empathetic & motivating and eradicate stress, reignite passion for life and re-connect participants with the authentic Self their best expression.


He holds a BA in Philosophy & Applied Mathematical Science, is a Certified ASE Facilitator,  Promordial Sound Meditation Instructor, Transpersonal Psychology Coach and is currently completing a Masters Degree in Consciousness Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology.


His presentations and delivery are unique in that he has personally experienced the challenges that stress, mental health and depression bring. Add to that an empathetic understanding of business and financial challenges which he has also personally experienced. Top it all off with an un-equaled qualification including a BA in Philosophy & Applied Mathematical Science, BSc, MSc Consciousness, Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology (current) as well as being a certified Authentic Self Facilitator, Primordial Sound Meditation Teacher & Transpersonal Psychology Coach.

Sirius Awakening to the Best Expression of the True Authentic Self