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Transpersonal Psychology Coaching

Transpersonal Coaching empowers people to transcend the ego states, mindsets and behaviours that inhibit their personal, professional and spiritual growth.

Transpersonal Coaching Psychology involves a dialogical relationship between a coach and client with the intention to resolve issues in the client's life, by engaging in processes that serve to transcend the client's self-constructs and limiting beliefs.


Typical outcomes of this form of psychological coaching are an enhanced sense of meaning and purpose in life, bringing with it greater clarity and resourcefulness, especially in the contexts where the client had been experiencing issues.

Coaching, leadership, education and spiritual practices empower the individual to access and bring forth their greatest self but can be influenced by the power of the ego conscious conditioned mind. The transpersonal approach to coaching may be of particular value when it comes to identifying transpersonal states and how these can be leveraged for positive change.


Transpersonal perspectives go beyond the ego conscious which is affected by past conditioning external to our true essence.

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Transpersonal Coaching involves facilitating shifts in the client’s perspectives by going beyond the client’s normal state of consciousness. Walsh and Vaughan (1980) suggest that each state of consciousness reveals its own picture of reality, which in turn makes one's perception of reality only relatively real, therefore one's perception of reality is a reflection of one's state of consciousness. What one identifies depends largely on the state of consciousness in which the mind or self are observed. Consequently, the Transpersonal coach has the ability to help the client to change their reality and change their world.


The coaching process can lead people to awakening and subsequent transformation by facilitating a shift in the clients perspective to overcome problems.


Paramount in the transformation is the shift in the clients perspective which can only be really completed by expanding their awareness and state of consciousness beyond the conditioned Ego using transpersonal methods.


Transpersonal Coaching Psychology, like other transpersonal interventions, generally intends to actively move clients towards an enhanced level of spiritual awareness and a fuller realization of his/her ultimate potential.


Scharmer describes the results of such a shift as “a heightened level of individual energy sand awareness, a sustained deepening of one’s authenticity and personal presence, and a clarified sense of direction, as well as significant professional and personal accomplishments.”


The transpersonal coach facilitates the re-programming of beliefs and behaviours to be more aligned with the clients best expression.


The coach enables the client to initially feel safe and supported in the space to allow the growth and transformation to occur and then thereafter continues to support to override past conditioning aspects and perspectives of the self no longer serving the client.


Coaching Via Zoom

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Ronan Rooney BA. BSc, MSc, MSCSI, MRICS, MCIArb

Certified Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor

Authentic Self-Empowerment Coach (IACTM)

International Association of Coaches, Therapists & Mentors (IACTM)

Transpersonal Psychology Coach (ALEF TRUST)

Transpersonal Coaching Therapy Network (TCTN)

Scientific and Medical Network (SMN)

International Network for Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology (INHNLP)

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"Ronan guided me dropping through layers of questions which helped me focus on my  purpose. This was explored thereafter as further inward journey into aspects , obstacles and resolutions followed by an outward journey which involved transforming the resolution into practical. 

One of the many excellent things about working with Ronan was that he brought a both the transpersonal and the practical together and offered many insights from his own experience in doing so."

Mark Cantwell

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