Ronan is a qualified Transpersonal Psychology Coach and provides unparalleled coaching services for personal, executive or sports clients. He combines traditional coaching with Transpersonal Psychology what Maslow called the fourth force in psychology after psychoanalysis, behaviourism and humanism.

A member of the International Association for Coaches, Therapists and Mentors he offers once off sessions in-person or via Zoom video and a specific 6-week 6-session Integral Practice program for those looking for a full audit and transformation in all areas of their life. The six sessions cover physical, mental, emotional, interpersonal and spiritual modalities with one final session to tie them all together into an integral practice plan.

Enjoy the experience and benefits of an executive coaching session with Ronan. 

Adopting Transpersonal psychology and coaching practices you will experience a profound shift in perspectives. the Transpersonal method of coaching facilitates a hugely rewarding and insightful experience beyond the constraints of the personality or Ego.


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Personal :

One to One personalised coaching session typically lasting between 1 and 2 hours

Integral Practice:

Coaching session over 6 weeks addressing all of the modalities of the Self: physical, mental, emotional, interpersonal, spiritual.

Summation in the last week to create the

personalised Integral Practice.

Sports Performance:

For High Performance teams in any sporting discipline. In-Person Presentation. Mindful performance, authentic self best expression, team collective dynamics and synergy.

Going beyond the conditioned self to reflect back on oneself is a gift and an opportunity to see things as they really are. Tendencies, thought patterns and beliefs are recognized in their true nature.

We can be so engrossed, so deeply conditioned by our family, teachers, fiends and past experiences that we become the roles we play and the people we are expected to become. 

Transpersonal coaching facilitates an expanded awareness and goes beyond the personality to see from the eyes of the true higher self. From this viewpoint challenges are seen from a perspective that is from a superior viewpoint and one which is beyond external influences. 

From this expanded state of consciousness comes answers to your questions, the real meaning of your challenges, a clear vision of the person you are becoming and a realization of who you are and what your purpose is and how to be your best expression


Discover another level of success, one that we ourselves define. It means becoming our true and authentic self, no longer in need of outside validation. It means living our most successful lives, a life where we know we are living our purpose. And it means that we are free – free to be who we truly are and live our best lives.