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The Sirius Health programs have an internationally acclaimed reputation for positive progressive outcomes from their two-hour to two-day personal and corporate wellness programs. Facilitating best fit ensuring your personal or professional operational challenges are not only solved but transformed into positive long-standing outcomes.


Providing organisational employee assistance, positive employee team focused performance and C-Level 1:1 personal immersion we provide the best programs for executives and corporate teams to manage stress, invigorate best expression and re-ignite passion for living both personally and professionally.

So, you’re concerned about your teams’ stress levels, want to give your staff the tools to manage the demands on them and boost their capacity to perform. We want to be your Employee Assistant Program (EAP) partners implementing Leadership Transformation and team compatibility.

There are an increasing number of business owners, managers, executives, and corporate employees affected by mental illness at a tremendous cost to personal and professional life and wellbeing. Stress not addressed leads to constant stress which means we are surviving life as opposed to consciously living life.

Untreated, it has a hugely adverse effect on us in our family life at home, our social life outside of our careers and especially at work. At home we disengage, in society we withdraw and at work we lose that spark and ingenuity.


The statistics are that 1 in 4 will experience mental illness which means you as an employer are faced with a 1 in 4 chance of being affected yourself and/or a quarter of your team being affected. What measures have you put in place to counter this very real threat?

You and your team are priceless. As a leader you need to be at your best and your team need to be expressing that best expression that made you employ them in the first place.


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Your organisation is measured by the performance of you and your team. You want that spark you saw in your team when you employed them to be fired up again. As an organisation you are only as good as the collective summation of your team.


As the pressure to perform mounts, and the workplace health and wellbeing moves up the corporate agency, more and more businesses are recognising the benefits of taking care or their most important asset – their employees.


Attraction & Attention

  • We ensure you can attract and retain the best talent in your industry by outlining the organisations employee wellness commitment program.

  • Ensure your people continue to perform and exhibit their best expression

  • A happy valued and rewarded team of collective members

Engagement & Performance

  • Have your team collectively driven towards your organisations goals

  • Develop a tight-knit supportive environment

  • Identify challenges and frustrations early to ensure high employee satisfaction levels


  • Addressing challenges early to intervene early in employee dissatisfaction

  • Taking a proactive approach to absence reduction

  • A Healthier workforce means increased expression and productivity


  • Providing a positive environment for maximising proficiency

  • Establishing an empathetic culture throughout the organisation

  • Progressive personal development programs


The Sirius Health programs are designed adopting transpersonal leadership and development. The tools and techniques include mindfulness, meditation, stress management, work-life balance, conscious thought mastery and authentic self-expression towards wholesome wellness and embodiment. The Sirius Health programs are helping business professionals and their teams to manage stress, master thought patterns, strengthen resilience, implement a healthy work-life balance and recondition their thinking to re-ignite their passion for living their best life.


This is our promise - to help you, your team or both to manage stress, reduce illness related absenteeism and presenteeism and re-connect with that best expression of you at home and at work improving productivity and self-esteem.


We present preventative and proactive tools and techniques working to reduce executive stress and re-ignite passion for living.

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Ronan Rooney and the Sirius Health programs address and mitigate


  • Absenteeism

  • Presenteeism (showing up for work but not getting things done)

  • Employee Dissatisfaction

  • Loss of Productivity

  • Loss of Creativity

  • Employee Resignation and subsequent loss of experience/knowledge

Proof is in the Statistics (IRELAND)

  • Job Stress in Ireland more than doubled between 2010 and 2015. In the 2010 survey 8% of workers experienced job stress compared to 17% in the 2015 survey [ESRI]

  • Small businesses in Ireland are losing around €550 million per year through absenteeism, with stress now a key cause of absence from work" [SFA]

  • For the first time, work-related stress anxiety or depression accounts for over half of all working days lost

  • "The total cost of stress-related illnesses across the European Union, according to the most recent survey, is €13 billion. This is made up of re-training costs, sickness pay, accident and/or illness insurance pay-outs and recruitment costs. [HSA]

  • Up to 11 million days were lost through absenteeism every year at a cost of €1.5 billion to the Irish Economy [Irish Examiner]

  • Almost 80% of corporate workers are concerned over mental health [VHI, 2018]

  • 33% of corporate workers said that the stress in their jobs would cause them to consider moving jobs [VHI, 2018]

  • One in 5 said they were very or extremely stressed and missed work in the past year due to stress, anxiety or depression with 50% of those surveyed feeling they must disguise the stress they feel at work to maintain their career prospects. [VHI, 2018]

Sirius Health offers a choice of programs focused on just you, you and your team or just your team and includes two-hour, half-day, full-day and two-day programs facilitating organisational employee assistance, positive employee team focused performance and C-Level 1:1 personal immersion. 


Visualise you and your team motivated, re-ignited and fuelled with a passion for life and living. Reflect on a common theme of best expression permeating through all of your personal and professional lives. What would that look like? What value would you attribute to it? Don’t worry about the How! We’ve got it covered…


We focus on the stress and work-life imbalances in you and your team to instigate your Personal and Employee Assistance Program (EAP) with positive effect and prove your wellness program as a successful effective business strategy.


We provide the best programs for executives and corporate teams to manage stress, invigorate best expression and re-ignite passion for living both personally and professionally.

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"How can a business owner be in the right state for optimum energy and performance?  How does one keep at the leading edge and have the clarity, wisdom, and insight to make the right decisions?  I believe the answer lies with what Ronan Rooney teaches."

James Martin, Trainer

"Ronan’s presentation is one which my management team and I found both motivating and inspiring. I am a firm believer that the journey towards success in your business or career is directly proportionate to the level of balance in your personal life."

Paul Shelly, Senior Partner, Ernst & Young, Galway Ireland

"A really terrific enlightening day. Discovered many things about me and my prejudices, how to alter my conditioning and free up my mind to go after my goals in a fearless way."

Gary Caulfield Ireland


"If you are looking for a day that delivers clear, precise information in a digestible formula then Sirius is for you. It’s a ‘get off the fence and get doing’ kickstart that we all need and are looking for. Thanks Ronan. Just what I needed."

Denise Sweeney, Sydney, Australia

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1 Hour

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2 Hours

1.5 Days

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