Sirius Life Training Programs

A series of training programs addressing stress, mental health, wellbeing, mastery of consciousness, mindfulness, meditation, integral practice and authentic self expression.

There are an increasing number of business owners, managers, executives and corporate employees affected by mental illness at a tremendous cost to personal and professional life and wellbeing.

The statistics are that 1 in 4 will experience mental illness which means you as an employer are faced with a 1 in 4 chance of being affected yourself and/or a quarter of your team being affected.

As a business owner/senior manager what would it look like to be totally removed from office for 6-8 weeks without notice?

As a corporate employer what would it look like to you to have 25% of your team removed from work for 6-8 weeks?

What measures have you put in place to counter this very real threat?

You and your team are priceless. As a leader you need to be at your best and your team need to be expressing that best expression that made you employ them in the first place.





Constant stress means we are surviving life as opposed to consciously living life. Everyone is searching for meaning of life but becoming despondent with it. 


Untreated it has a hugely adverse effect on us in our family life at home, our social life outside of our careers and especially at work. At home we disengage, in society we withdraw and at work we lose that spark and ingenuity.


People want and yet are scared of change but because of the onslaught of data bombardment and associated modern day life challenges most accept mediocre in all areas of their life as the safest place to be.

BUT ultimately, deep down everyone wants to live their best life expression personally and professionally.



Have you, your team or both empowered with Ronan Rooney’s Sirius Life Mastery model. A mastery of consciousness model that includes self inquiry, addresses stress & mental health, and awakening of the Authentic Self.


Combining Ronan’s own story and experiences, his in-depth study of philosophy, consciousness & transpersonal psychology his presentations and programs continue to inspire, motivate and facilitate best authentic self expression and consequential best life and living.


Internationally acclaimed Speaker, Author & Coach Ronan has presented in Ireland, UK, Germany, Spain, South Africa, US and Australia.


His delivery is unique in that he has personally experienced the challenges stress, mental health and depression bring and you can add an empathetic understanding of business and financial challenges which he has also personally experienced.

He has an un-equaled qualification including a BA in Philosophy & Applied Mathematical Science, BSc, MSc Consciousness, Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology (current) as well as being a certified Authentic Self Facilitator, Primordial Sound Meditation Teacher & Transpersonal Psychology Coach.


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Sirius Health NOW:

Stress & Mental Health for Wellbeing

[2-Hour Corporate Presentation]

Sirius Health SOLUTIONS:

Stress, Mental Health & Work-Life Balance

[Half-Day Corporate Presentation]

Sirius Life CORPORATE:

Stress, Mental Health, Work-Life Balance & Mastery of Consciousness

[Full-Day Corporate Presentation]



Sirius Health EXECUTIVE:

Stress, Mental Health, Work-Life Balance, Mastery of Consciousness and Awakening the Authentic Self.

[2 -Day Corporate Presentation with 3 months follow up]


Highly immersive 12 day 12 month program for executives

[12 Session Executive Program over 12 mths]




Visualise you and your team motivated, re-ignited and fuelled with a passion for life and living. Reflect on a common theme of best expression permeating through all of your personal and professional lives.


What would that look like? What value would you attribute to it? Don’t worry about the How! We’ve got it covered…


This is our promise - to help you, your team or both to manage stress, master your consciousness and re-connect with that best expression of you at home and at work.


AND A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if we don’t deliver real value as promised…

You can’t lose.

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