Internationally acclaimed Speaker, Author, & Teacher.

"I heard Ronan Rooney talk for the first time at the recent Professional Speaking Association annual conference in London and loved his relaxed conversational style of speech delivery. I am happy to recommend Ronan to anyone considering Ronan for their audience. He is engaging, makes you think, and leaves you reflecting on your own attitudes to life. "

Mike Ogilvie President Professional Speakers Association UK

​"Ronan is a passionate, enthusiastic and engaging speaker on his topic, presenting sometimes complex ideas in a simple and understanding way that delights his audiences. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a speaker".

Sean Weafer FPSA PSAE President Professional Speaker Association Ireland. 

“Ronan Rooney presents a clear understanding of the laws governing our world and determining our reality in a way that is easy to understand and apply to everyday life.”

Deepak Chopra, California

Formal address or Informal Satsang available

Keynotes to Choose From...

“Awakening the Authentic Self”

How to manage stress, master consciousness and express your very best authentic self. Ronan shares the tools and techniques he used to survive stress, anxiety disorder, depression and insolvency. Have your audience inspired by both Ronan’s personal Sirius Awakening Journey and his Mastery of Consciousness Perspective.

“Mastering Higher States Of Consciousness”

Ronan presents a psycho-spiritual perspective understanding of higher states of consciousness, Vedanta the foremost spirituality from which all religions emerged and transpersonal psychology the fourth force in psychology after psychoanalysis, behaviourism and humanism. The junction where advaita vedanta philosophy, quantum science and transpersonal psychology meet is where he will bring you and your audience enthralled to a new realisation of the true nature of our reality and emerging perennial philosophy.

“The Evolution of Human Consciousness”

Ronan’s tells of a new paradigm shift in the evolution of human consciousness that is playing havoc with our mental health all over the globe. To contest this he presents meditation as the antidote to this stress and pressure on our mental health. Your audience/team will be left inspired with a new perspective on their personal and professional lives by realising the stress and mitigating against it by applying meditation and consciously embracing the change.

"Conscious Awareness - the New Paradigm”

Ronan shares some of the most important development theories including the Participatory theory, Pantheism, Biocentricity, Spiritual Awakening, Quantum Science, Transpersonal Psychology and an elevation to the highest state of consciousness - AWARENESS.