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You know where you want to get to but have no structured plan to get there.

You need to change but you don’t know where you need to go or how to get there. Your despondency is spread out though all aspects of your personal and professional life. You need a full re-evaluation and overhaul.


We focus directly on your current position and then tailor the program to your unique position. We explore all the modalities of the Self to recover the real you. In both your personal and professional lives, we bring balance, performance and best expression re-igniting your passion for living.


Everyone is searching for meaning of life but becoming despondent with it.  People want and yet fear change but because of the onslaught of data bombardment and associated modern day life challenges most accept mediocre in all areas of their life as the safest place to be. BUT ultimately, deep down everyone wants to live their best life expression personally and professionally.

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Are you a suitable candidate? Can you relate to some, any, or all of the following?

  • You’re not sleeping well, waking up with multiple thoughts in your head invading your peace.

  • You’re tired going to bed and tired when you wake up.

  • You’re spending more time at work than ever before.

  • You’re performance at work is not as good as it used to be.

  • You’re finding it a struggle to get your team or work colleagues on board with you.

  • You’re leadership qualities are not what they used to be.

  • You’re beginning to question yourself in and out of your career.

  • You’re excitement for work has been replaced with despondency.

  • You can’t seem to be able to motivate you or your team like you used to.

  • You don’t meet your friends as much as you used to.

  • You’re close relationships are not as strong as they used to be.

  • There doesn’t seem to be any fun in your life.

  • Everything is a struggle – everyday a challenge.

  • You’ve lost that passion for life & living.

  • You’re sensing a change but don’t understand it.

  • You’re questioning your purpose and life meaning.

  • You want answers but can’t seem to get any.

  • You don’t know where you are in life and unsure of where you are going.

  • Have you and your life “gone off track”?


Your Transformation

What aspects of your life could we transform?  What would it be like to have every challenge in your life transposed into a positive transfiguration? Your realignment and transformation await you.

  • Mastering and enhancing your thought processes

Our thinking creates our world. Most of our thinking is habitual conditioned responses from our subconscious mind. We train you how to retrain your neural impulses in the brain to create the life you want to live. In effect we help you reprogram your brain to suit the life and legacy you want.

  • Integrating a work life balance

A healthy work-life balance is key to the best personal and professional life experience. We help design configure and implement an Integral Practice model suited specifically for you.

  • Engaging your highest potential and expression

A balanced approach to all aspects of life and the self will ensure you are aligned with your highest and best expression. Coupled with an exploration and design of your goals and aspirations ensures your highest expression. Is expedited.

C-level and Executive personal & professional awakening program for Stress management, Work-Life balance, Mastery of Consciousness and Highest Self Expression of the Authentic Self.
Two-Day or 12 One-Hour Monthly Sessions In-Person Private One to One €1,250 plus VAT

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A bespoke program for progressive business owners, c-level managers and senior executives which addresses all aspects of the personal and professional performance of the individual.

The effects are such that you will:

  • re-ignite your passion for living.

  • You will be operating personally and professionally at optimum performance

  • You will get perfect clarity on your life purpose and meaning

  • You will adopt a positive healthy work-life balance that will also re-invigorate your professional performance.

  • Those around you will be intoxicated by your clarity, drive and enthusiasm.

  • You will re-emerge as that empowering and inspiring leader you used to be.

  • You will recover your zest for life, acknowledge your purpose and bring real meaning into your whole life.

Stress and dis-empowerment in one’s personal and professional life can lead to mental illness.

We will be your Personal Counsel and help you diagnose your challenges and explore advise and implement strategies for returning to greatness and best expression in your personal and professional life.

We will challenge you and your thinking in order to make a paradigm shift in your conscious thinking and in doing so transform your challenges from breakdowns to breakthroughs.

  • Managing Stress Levels

Stress levels are unparalleled and implementing ways to manage and mitigate the effects of stress are crucial. The data bombardment of the modern information age we are in is having the effect of us being in constant ‘fight or flight mode’.

  • Understanding relationship dynamics

Interrelationships are the blocks which underline our lives personally & professionally. Here a Transpersonal Psychology method of managing interrelationships is paramount

  • Positive Mental Health

1 in 4 will experience mental health challenges with it been the most challenging to diagnose and longest for treatment of many illnesses.

Your life and legacy

The most important aspect of this very existence is the life we live. To live the life you were meant to live and to leave the legacy your highest expression can leave is the reward for opening up to the true nature of the life you were meant to live. You have a duty not just to yourself but the world around you to play your integral part by living the perfect life for you.

  • Re-invigorating your passion for life

It can be easy to get caught up in the general aspects of life which can dictate how we live. We can get lost in the barrage of roles we play. We remind you that you are not the roles you play and help to reconnect with your higher self and values re-igniting your passion for life.

  • Facilitating Self Inquiry for life purpose and meaning

When considering life and its meaning one’s legacy is foremost. We facilitate in an exploration of the Self to ensure we are on the right track to ones best legacy and life expression.

  • Expressing the Authentic Self

The Authentic Self is the true un-conditioned you beyond the roles you play. Your purpose in life is to express your Authentic Self which is why you were given all pf the tools and traits needed to have this best expression.


Sirius Health Executive is delivered and presented in a choice of formats:

  1. “I want to dive right in right now!” a 2 day Immersion Program with a choice of on-site or off-site location.

  2. “I want to spread the program over a year!” a 12 Month program with Twelve 1:1 monthly one-hour in person sessions.

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"Ronan Rooney moves beyond the traditional personal development and coaching techniques and delivers a powerful set of tools for achieving fulfillment in work, life, and every area of your life. Overall, an amazing program which can be applied immediately and works!"

Gene Browne Company CEO Ireland

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