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Realign back to your best addressing Stress and Work-Life Balance. Radically empower and improve you and your team to optimum performance levels and passionate life balance. Also incorporating Open awareness and Authentic Self Best Expression.


Sirius Health Corporate is for companies who want wellness to be a successful effective business strategy. It is a tailored program for corporate clients, their teams and senior managers. Sirius Health Corporate begins with an empathetic review of the current position of the organisation and its team members. From this standpoint the program is then applied tailored to you and your unique position. A proven Effective Employee Solution Wellness Program.

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Can you relate to some, any or all of the following?

  • You know you and your team and those close to you are not where you want them to be.

  • At work you and your team are not performing – not ‘firing on all cylinders’.

  • Stress levels are high and there’s no time to consider work-life balance.

  • You’ve lost all meaning for what you are working for.

  • You’re overall performances are not what are expected

  • That initial inspiration and motivation with everyone in your team has been replaced with despondency.

  • That ‘Spark’ you first saw in your team members is missing and the ‘Spark’ for life and passion in yourself is a distant memory.

  • You know where you want to get to but don’t have a clear plan how to get there.


The effects are such that:

  • You and your team will learn how to manage your stress levels, incorporate a healthy work-life balance and your team will love you for supporting them.

  • The added-value is in the emergence of a close-knit collectively empowered team.

  • Performance, efficiency and productivity will prove subsets of the newly empowered workforce.

  • Re-igniting personal and collective team passion and drive in a caring, empathetic environment ensures success throughout the organisation.

  • Proven to reduce stress, absenteeism and ill-health whilst empowering your team into passionate  life expression.

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 Addressing stress and work-life balance this program goes one step further wakening attendees up to embrace their full potential.


It’s not just ‘the big picture’ and ‘the bottom line’ that businesses need to focus on. Stress can have a major impact at work on individuals that can also cause problems outside of work. In the workplace, work relationships, team cohesion and employee engagement can all suffer from stress. In manufacturing & construction environments, stress can have an impact on health and safety, creating higher accident and injury rates.


We need to create workplace cultures where people can be themselves, where it is made easier for employees to speak about mental health concerns without fear, and to reach out for help when they need it. Even so, the decision to disclose distress at work is not one people take lightly. It is vital that workplaces become environments where people feel safe to be open with line management and Human Resources and be themselves.


In-coherence between teams can be hugely costly. Illness and absenteeism can put immense pressure on one’s personal life and in the life and soul of the organization Sirius Health Corporate is a One and a Half-Day training seminar workshop designed for optimum engagement and efficacy.

Is it for you? Yes if you are concerned about stress & related illness in your organisation and are looking to counter and mitigate against it.

  • We focus on the stress and work-life imbalances in you and your team to instigate your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) with positive effect.

  • This program involves the initial review followed by a One-Day session for attendees

  • The effects of stress in the workplace can go beyond individual performance. Productivity, absenteeism and presenteeism (physically at work but not performing anywhere close to 100%) across the board are all affected by stress levels at work. “Pressure can be positive and a motivating factor, and is often essential in a job. It can help us achieve our goals and perform better. “But when this pressure becomes sustained and excessive, it’s not sustainable in the long term.”


Stress & Mental Health, Work Life Balance & Collective Team Engagement 

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One and a Half-Day In-Person Group Presentation with Initial Consultation. All the elements of the Health Solutions program but incorporating Open awareness and Authentic Self Best Expression.
 Returning you and your team to optimum performance levels and passionate life balance.

Cost €1,250 plus VAT

"Short yet informative. Ronan communicates easily and his relaxed approach helps the group to relax and thereby become more receptive."

Gerry Campbell, Quality Control Officer

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