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Antidote to Stress

Discover meditation as the antidote to stress.

Meditation is now being considered the modern day ‘Antidote to Stress’ and stress is one of the main concerns in heart and stroke patients from a post and preventative perspective.  Unlike a number of years ago the benefits of meditation in combating stroke, heart disease or diabetes are now scientifically proven.


‘Fight or flight’ is a physiological response in the body as a result of feeling threatened which can include increases in heart rate, blood pressure, breathing tempo, sweating, a release of stress hormones, a weakening of the immunity system and excessive clotting of blood platelets. In the modern day this occurs when we experience stress which the body recognises as a threat. Stress itself is caused by any blocks we encounter to fulfilling our desires and is not a physical threat but more a psychological or emotional challenge. As a result the physiological responses by the body is not an appropriate response and over time has adverse effects on our body.

A simple explanation of the benefits of meditation that most people today can relate to is the body’s fight/flight response to stress. The current demands of the modern world result in stress which the body perceives as a threat which affects a physiological response as set out below;

  • Heart beats faster/pumps more blood

  • Blood pressure rises

  • Consume more oxygen and expel more carbon dioxide

  • Perspiration increases

  • Adrenal glands pumps out adrenaline, noradrenaline, and cortisol

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Regular activation of flight/fight response in non-life threatening situations can weaken our health


CHANGE IN PHYSIOLOGY                              LEADS TO


Increase blood pressure, heart stress       Coronary Heart Disease

Increase stress hormones                              Anxiety, insomnia, addictions

Increase blood sugar                                        Diabetes, obesity

Decrease circulation to digestive tract     Digestive disturbances

Decrease growth, sex hormones                 Premature aging

Decrease Immunity                                           Infections, cancer

Increase in sticky platelets                             Heart attack, strokes




  • Heart rate slows/pumps less blood

  • Blood pressure normalizes

  • Consume less oxygen and expel less carbon dioxide

  • Perspire less

  • Adrenal glands produce less adrenaline and cortisol

  • Produce more rejuvenating hormones (DHEA, growth hormone)

  • Immune function improves

  • Breathing slows

  • Platelet function normalizes

Two-Hour Group Session In-Person

Discover Meditation the Antidote to Stress

  €495 plus VAT

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Practicing MEDITATION on a daily basis will help you to:


  • Manage stress & reduce anxiety

  • Improve your relationships

  • Create inner peace

  • Awaken your intuition

  • Enhance your sleep patterns

  • Lower your blood pressure

  • Become less judgmental

  • Connect more deeply to spirit


But there are many different types of meditation and it’s important to find the practice that suits you or that you can relate to at any particular time.


In this course you will not only learn about meditation and its benefits but get to practice different types to choose which type suits you.


The course includes the following meditation practices and techniques; Control, Visualisation, Breathwork, Mantra, Transpersonal, Awareness, Self-Inquiry.

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Ronan Rooney
Certified Meditation Instructor



Fight/Flight                                  Restful Awareness

⭡ Heart rate                             ⭣ Heart rate

⭡ Blood pressure                   ⭣ Blood pressure

⭡ Respiration                           ⭣ Respiration

⭡ Perspiration                          ⭣ Perspiration

⭡ Stress hormones                ⭣ Stress hormones

⭣ Anti-aging hormones       ⭡ Anti-aging hormones

⭡ Platelet stickiness               ⭣ Platelet stickiness

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"I have just completed Ronan’s The Antidote to Stress course (Primordial Sound Meditation). I really enjoyed the course. He delivered it with such passion and clarity. He made it very easy to understand and explained everything in detail. I really enjoyed his humor, and he answered any questions with ease and understanding. He had a fabulous energy and made me feel very welcome to the course. The meditation technique itself I love and will continue to do it every day."

Lorraine Dunleavy Ireland

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