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Who you really are, what the true nature of reality really is and what is the Perennial truth of our beingness. A scientific, philosophical, psychological, metaphysical and spiritual consensus of who and what we are.


Ronan Rooney, internationally acclaimed author and speaker shares the quintessential truth about reality incorporating Science, Philosophy, Metaphysics, Psychology & Spirituality.


It is of utmost importance individually and collectively to embrace our transpersonal nature, go beyond the ego, and recognise and express our personal being-ness. Moreover, we must finally realise our universal interconnectedness and that we are part of the one whole. While ancient and modern philosophy has strained to convince us of this, now modern science in the form of quantum physics is validating it.


We are consciously aware. This awareness in consciousness is the true nature of reality and ultimate state of being. We are on the precipice of conscious awareness. It is being initiated by a global awakening igniting the emergence of awareness from consciousness.


The turmoil we sense intellectually in the world is a rebalancing of the global societal systems which are currently adversely governing our world reality. We are as a global human race waking up from our trance state to a more enlightened state of grace which is conscious awareness.


Ultimately, we are not separate individuals, we are all interconnected, and we create reality and participate as co-creators in and of the world around us.


Quintessence will inspire you to remember that we are an individual expression and integral part of something greater and our purpose is to embrace and express that divine essence.

Quintessence - 1 Day Reality Immersion

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