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When You can control your thoughts, you control your Reality

We have a thought which is followed by another thought by another thought and by yet another thought. The predominant pattern is habitual in that it's basically pre-programmed by experiences that we had and beliefs we adopted because of the perceptive determination of those experiences.

Thoughts and thought patterns create neural pathways or synapses in the brain developing and connecting neutron strings in the brain that remain in place and determine your thinking which influences your reality. But the key to all of this is the power that you have in the gap between thoughts. That is where your power is.

The past is that first thought, the future is the next thought, and the present moment is the gap in between in which you can purposely determine what pattern of thinking you will follow. This then affects how you feel in the present moment.

We use the results of past experiences to determine whether we are going to embrace, reject or cautiously experience it again and often we adopt the same interpretation as we have in the past.

Can you see how your life is pre-conditioned? It’s your belief determines whether you embrace the experience or not. Yet our inherited beliefs can be misguided, and our past experiences don’t always mirror the previous one.

But you can control this and so control your life’s reality. We may not have any control over the experiences we have in life, but we have total control over how we interpret them which instills our beliefs and then leads to our perceptive reality. If we have total control over our perceptive interpretation of experiences, we have total control over our life and reality.

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