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When someone we love passes away?

My Mum passed away on 2nd February this year. I came across a piece I had written a number of years ago which made sense of it all.

When someone close passes away we experience the loss at the physical level because they are physically gone.

Then we experience it at the intellectual level where we question it and try to understand. How to intellectually fit it into our life understanding.

We then experience the emotional trauma which is inspired through the physical, mental / intellectual loss e.g. “I can’t talk with them, touch them etc and what will I do without them etc

This is intellectualised emotional distress.

If we were to go directly inwards to our hearts emotion and without any judgement see what is there - we would experience a calmer emotional response.

When we transcend the grieving period we experience the emotion differently. It’s as if there is still a connection which is very real but not of this physical realm.

If we are spiritual practitioners where we meditate and go within we can at some stage experience the passed Soul of our loved one at a very real spiritual level. We know that they are not just still present but a very real part of us and our life.

They may not be able to communicate with us directly but they are in a place better able to affect our lives by not being tied to the physical bondage of the physical plane. They have no more agendas to keep and can truly connect with us at the deepest level of our Soul if we allow them to.

And so what I suggest is to sense that loved one who has passed on and you will sense their presence in the strangest ways if you stay open to accepting them in.

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