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What’s really important?

1. Becoming who you are meant to become based on your given talents etc

2. Experiencing life fully in every present moment

3. Making a difference in the lives of others e.g. teaching, helping, inspiring by example

4. Having no regrets

5. Embracing the majesty of the world we live in and living fully in reverence

6. Legacy

7. Relationships

There are so many people today suffering from the stress of economic and financial challenges. It’s always difficult to see the light when one is in the eye of the storm. It’s very important to take control of the situation as opposed to letting the situation control you.

And it’s all about just deciding to change your perspective or perception.

You know deep inside you will come through these challenges so why torment yourself questioning whether you will or not?

Think of all the difficult challenges you’ve had in your life so far that you overcame.

Then relax and contemplate your current stresses and challenges and be grateful in the knowledge that everything happens for a reason and this is just another avenue to be traversed.

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