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What is important in life really?

It really is true. We are meant to live life fully and enjoy the experience in its entirety every moment of every day. It is a playground, a place for our immature spirits to experience the physical plane in a physical world that we co-create and which we continue to create in every moment.

We are fully responsible for the creation of our personal worlds and the world at large. It is a masterpiece of creation, and it is only because we forget that we are the creators that we end up unhappy or discontent.

What has happened with the amazing technological discoveries of the last few decades is that we have become intoxicated with the over stimulation of the intellect. The addictive focus on the intellect has meant that we have stunted the natural evolution of our other deeper profound states of being - the emotional and most especially the spiritual.

In the developed world the highest mortality is now from suicide and mental health issues as opposed to cancer. Don’t you find it intriguing that it is an illness that effects our mental aspect that has taken over and now presents the greatest threat to human health. It concurs with the suggestion that our intellect has developed beyond recognition to a level that cannot be sustained and that threatens our very existence.

Humanity had become engrossed in the intellect to the detriment of the other aspects of the psyche resulting in mental illness for many. The drive, in intellectual stimulation fuelled by the senses and attractions of the material world became an intoxication. We became addicted to the intellectual mental streams and subsequent associated stimulation of the senses. In summary, we became stuck in the sensory mode, engrossed in self-satisfaction of the intellectual demands of the ego and the physical attractiveness of the senses. Quite simply we forgot what was important in life and succumbed to intellectually derived passions for ego based self-gratifications.

Relationships, faith and peace all fell away to the drive of the intellectual modern man. More money, more power, more self-righteousness, more greed and with it all - more fear of losing what we had or didn’t have.

The real powers in society are predominantly the conglomerate corporations and not the national governments. They conspire and go to great lengths to have the members of society accept the governing systems of politics, economics, finance, health and ecology they dictate to satisfy their specifically chosen goals. They do this by identifying our fears and then stimulating and exacerbating these fears in a bid to ensure society complies with their system of governance.

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