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The Effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Humanity

Just as we were beginning to find a position of stability in our financial and economic lives, the COVID-19 pandemic emerged adversely affecting us all in the most profound ways. With the financial and property crash we began to question our security in life. The mental illness pandemic has threatened our ability to make the ‘right’ choices and we now are beginning to question our personal security, democratic rights and freedom of choice in terms of the very fabric of our society.

The Covid-19 pandemic and our reaction to it politically and socially has undermined the global confidence in systems of societal governance. By this I mean we are beginning to question the validity and effectiveness and justice of the global systems of governance that determine how society operates.

This could prove to be the biggest challenge humanity has faced with widespread adverse effects in multiple areas of society and living. It is becoming a catalyst for social reflection and questioning of our global societal systems of law, order and governance. This is then spilling over into the areas of health, justice, equality, ecology, sexuality, religion and spirituality with many questioning the validity of our current mindset.

World health is acutely vulnerable as was proven by the 2019 Covid pandemic which affected the health, financial, economic, political and democracy of the developed world. It also created a further divide between the developed and the under-developed world. And yet it had been foretold that the over population of the world would have to be addressed and rebalanced either by natural or unnatural forces which it would appear has happened. The Covid-19 pandemic was one of the greatest challenges we as a global society faced for decades. The initial question that has to be asked to which there is yet no answer is; “was this a natural or manmade virus?”.

If it was a naturally developed virus then the challenges it has presented are in keeping with the balance of nature on this planet. If it was engineered by man, then it is out of balance with nature and as such should be feared and of great concern. If it was a natural virus then we should complement our global medical industry for developing a vaccine so quickly. If it was manmade then there is always the question of conspiracy and whether this was an exploitation for political or financial gain or other adverse motivations. If manmade then the speed at finding a vaccine could be understood more easily. The new strains then could be another way to keep control over the masses!

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