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Profound changes between when I wrote my first book in 2006 and now in 2022 as I finish the next one

I was blessed in 2006 to have people like Deepak Chopra and Robin Sharma endorse my first book The Secret of Life and I was able to share it all over the world in Ireland, UK, Spain, Germany, US and Australia.

Now as I am about to launch my second book The True Nature of our Reality, so much has happened to me and the world around me that it’s a challenge to know where to start.

I have changed and the world around me has followed suit. The changes to us both have been profound, challenging, dramatic.

In 2006, when I first launched The Secret of Life, the material world was a world of abundance for very many of us in the western world. While the undeveloped parts of the world continued to struggle profoundly, we were becoming more and more affluent. Financial abundance perceived at the time to represent success, fuelled further growth and expansion of our personal income, domestic and international economies. I was ambitious, healthy, happy and very well off financially. I was successful in my property career and as a personal development writer and speaker.

The True Nature of Our Reality is the follow up book. It speaks of a major paradigm shift occurring in humanity’s evolution, the reason for the current collapse of our global systems, why mental illness is globally escalating, understanding transpersonal awakening and the emergence of conscious awareness but also shares how my life changed dramatically since then having experienced serious challenges to my career, health and financial solvency.

The True Nature of Our Reality gives hope and explains the meaning of life and our purpose in it.

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