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Mental Illness Pandemic

Mental illness is the greatest threat to humanity and it's imperative that we develop our awareness of it and our empathy towards those suffering from it.

The next global health crisis is a mental health pandemic, and it is here now. According to Gallup, anger, stress, worry and sadness have been on the rise globally for the past decade, long before the COVID-19 pandemic and reached record highs in 2020.

Speaking from experience I can say that much of our mental illness comes from refusing to be and express who we really are.

Living lives not in correlation with our deepest inner beliefs, with partners who prevent us from living a full life, in careers that don’t suit us (and was probably someone else dream unfulfilled) suffering from past experiences not fully transitioned or accepted.

It’s a cry from our inner most self to say stop living this way and change. But what’s imperative as a society is that we put systems in place that help and support those in need of change.

It begins with empathy, progresses by listening without judgement and then is achieved with support to make the changes that need to be made to live the life you were meant to live.

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