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Is the awakening of humanity being overrun by global conflicts and turmoil

I was asked this question recently which is probably on many peoples minds. Many believe that if there is an awakening happening to bring humanity to a greater expression it is losing the battle between enlightenment and resolution.

The amount of turmoil, hurt, greed, universal desecration and ecological and atmospheric destruction has to mean we are losing the battle?We are not! All of this has to happen to expose the imbalances in the world.

We, through the media and social government are being stroked into submission and governance through fear. The fear is being instilled in us through the various media channels all reporting the negative.

Let’s face it positive news doesn’t make headlines.!Why? Because we have been conditioned to gravitate towards the negative news stories as opposed to the positive underlying reality.

There is more good in the world than bad it’s just that it’s not highlighted.

It starts with you!

Begin to see the beauty that presents itself everyday. Recognise the empathy between people. Be aware of the positive aspects of humanity and society. Ultimately know that we are all part of the same greater entity and are all connected.

There is so much to be thankful for. There is so much good in the world. There is so much love being shared. There is growing empathy throughout humanity.

The materialistic model is crashing and the more altruistic empathetic love based reality is emerging.

This is what we are awaking up to. It is this realisation we are evolving to. It is this direction we are moving towards as a race.

So see the turmoil as a necessary exposure of the imbalance and revelation of the new reality for humanity.

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