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How we were reared by our parents has affected who we are.

Our parents condition us in a certain way - they believe they should bring us up with certain life values. They brought us up to be the type of person they think we should be. And we buy into that which is fine in most cases.

Then we have teachers who tell us certain things about who they think we should be. Some we listen to others we don't and others still we do all in our power to ignore. Then we have experiences and our interpretation of them defines our world reality and who we believe we are. We make a judgment about the experience which turns into belief structures which then make us behave the way we behave.

Is it time to reevaluate your beliefs? Is this really me, my authentic self or am I reacting this way because of something somebody told me? Regardless, does it serve me to have this belief and behave or even think like this? Does it serve me to think the thoughts that I'm thinking and fuel the habitual patterns of thinking that I have developed and entrained into my psyche?

We are all different, but parents and teachers usually adopt the presupposition that the child will have the same experiences as they had. The reality is far from the truth. Because the world is changing so fast and so dramatically the assumption that our children will have similar worldly experiences to us is naïve. How could they? The world system is so far removed from generation to generation. The truly successful ones do not accept the inherited beliefs and faith of their predecessors but forge their own subject to their desired reality.

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