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How did I come about to write my second book The True Nature of Our Reality

I was always interested in philosophy, metaphysics and spirituality, even before I embarked on my BA in Philosophy and Applied Mathematics in NUIG in 1987.

Having had many transpersonal experiences since I was a child, I was driven to seek out the true nature of reality. But then I succumbed to the draw of the family property business and opportunity to work alongside my father.

I started again on a four-year BSc degree in Surveying (DIT) and Diploma in Property Economics (Trinity College) and after two years of study passed my APC and became the first Chartered Surveyor (GP) in Galway. At the same time, I completed the property arbitration exams with the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Ireland. (CIArb)

It has been an interesting journey which some might say has reflected a dichotomy where I have lived the life of a business professional as a chartered surveyor, property arbitrator and property investor while at the same time living a life of spiritual reflection, study and teaching. As a good friend said to me recently “That’s what I do - it’s not who I am!”.

Similarly, I practice as a chartered surveyor, property expert and property arbitrator. I invest in property and manage a few businesses but that is what I do, not who I am. I also study, write and teach about the true nature of reality and spirituality but that is what I do, not who I am!

Many of us fall into the trap of becoming the roles we play as opposed to being ourselves. It is not what you do that defines you - it is who you are!

Who I am is an individual part of a greater whole that is being expressed in many ways and through the many roles I play in life.

So how might you ask is a business professional qualified to speak about the true nature of reality? Just like my property career, I have studied and experienced the subject over 30 years. I have academic qualifications in the form of a BA in Philosophy & Applied Maths and an MSc in Consciousness, Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology.

And so, I would ask humbly that you read The True Nature of our Reality and then judge for yourself. RELEASE DATE 21 April 2022

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