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Happy Christmas

All that is real is the absolute reality that is our pure divine potentiality. It is in the present moment of who we are not who we were or aspire to be.

Our true nature, the essence of who we are, can be found in our present moment. In the gap between thoughts, the gap between breaths, between heartbeats and in the realm of the non local between consciousness and awareness.

Here there is no time, space, causality, death or definition just pure divine potentiality to express that aspect of the Divine that we are innately. This is where we truly reside beyond the physical which comes and goes and so it is where all our loved ones are which is just one moment, one breath, one heartbeat away,

That is what we really are pure divine potentiality coming into being in every present moment. In this way by coming into being in every present moment we bring the universe and world around us into being also in every present moment with our consciousness.

This is why modern science in the form of quantum physics now proclaims that the universe comes in and out of existence constantly. That we like everything we manifest in the world are in a state of superimposition where we have a multitude of potentiality. This gives rise to the theory of parallels universes or multiverses where the free will God blessed us with which allows us to express multiple versions of that aspect of the Divine that we have within us is consistently coming into and out of creation in the present moment.

Happy Christmas


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