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Don't underestimate how important you really are...

If Jesus, Buddha, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Bono, didn’t live the life they were supposed to live how we would have suffered. It’s the same for you. Don’t underestimate the part you have to play.

The statistics of you just being here are phenomenal and beyond all forms of intellectual understanding or rationale.

Think of the people who had to meet, that had to combine to create you physically and all the people that came before them.

If everything wasn’t exactly as it is, you would not be here so come on you have to admit then there must be a real purpose to your life?

That purpose is simple it’s just the expression of your true Authentic Self. That is what you are here for.

You are an integral part of a greater plan and have a specific role to play and it’s your duty and obligation to live the life you were meant to live because it influences the rest of us and all of humanity.

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