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For the lucky ones the Corona virus means simply but powerfully time out to reflect on what’s important in life. So many of us have to wait until we are diagnosed with a serious illness or someone close to us dies etc to experience a pause in this busy, demanding and sometimes overpowering world we find ourselves in to wake up to what is really important. Forced to stay at home with the full family around us has a sobering effect pausing the madness that is our chosen life. You can use this opportunity to pause, reflect and decide how to live the rest of your life more positively, constructively, compassionately and ultimately authentically. Stress is part of our world. Most of us manage it until we breakdown with illness, others overcome it with specific techniques and conquer it and in so doing live a passionate inspiring life. Take this time to decide whether you will live as you have lived or attempt to manage your stress or transform your life to the one you were meant to live, conquer stress and live an impassioned inspiring life. hashtag#positivementalspacehashtag#contemporaryspiritualityhashtag#siriusawakening

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