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Are we just the roles we play in life?

We are conscious and so we are enabled to reflect on our very existence. This was meant to allow us to fully experience the majesty of our very being. But somewhere along the way we misjudged the interpretation and developed a trait which began to occupy the very core of our intellectual understanding and being. We began to question our existence instead of just accepting and embracing it for what it essentially is - a magical phenomenon.

What is the true nature of reality? Who am I? What am I? Where am I? The biggest distraction is the roles we play in life which are but illusions to the true nature of the reality that we are. We play the roles so well they obscure the true Self that we are and disable our true inner Self (or Authentic Self) from expressing its majesty.

Choose the roles you wish to play. Select the types of characters that are best aligned with who you want to express as your unique Self. Refuse to play the roles that clash with your inner Self perspective and express the roles you wish to express. Decide not to be the abuser or the victim or the perpetrator. In every moment of now, choose your best expression.

You could not have happened by chance. The statistics weigh so much against you ever even making it into this world that you must be a miracle and a unique wonder that must be allowed to be expressed. think of all the people back through the decades that had to meet for their parents to bring them into the world. Their parents, their parent’s parents’ and so on.

The statistics are such that you must have a serious reason for being here and it is up to you to find out what it is. It is your duty to express your true Self in the interests of the whole. we are magical beings with a true purpose and that we are an integral part of a greater plan. If we do not follow the true path for our Authentic Self, we are not only doing ourselves an injustice, but we are also not playing our part in the greatest play and on the universal stage that is the collective universal existence of life.

We have a duty to realize and express our true best Authentic Self in the interest of all and most especially as the proper expression of the Divine through us that created us in the first place

Focusing always on what is the best expression I can be of myself in any given moment is key. Then when we go off track, even more important is to forgive and acknowledge the meandering and make the conscious decision to come back on track.

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