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We are not here to become the person others think we should become.

We are here to be the best version of ourselves.


For me this is being true to myself, maximising my potential, capabilities and creativity to live the best version of life I can live and in so doing making a positive impact on the world and those around me.


To do this we need to know who we really are and what our place is in this life. I spent far too long chasing the dreams of others, playing the role of a driven hard working ambition and successful business professional instead of honouring the obscured passion deep inside me to search for the answers about the true nature of reality.


It's funny that when I did follow this journey, what I learned helped me to manage the financial insolvency, mental depression and professional challenges that were soon to come my way.

What’s in it for me? Why is this good for me?

Expert Guidance

Led by Ronan Rooney, owner of Rooney Real Estate Group, Certified Transpersonal Psychology coach with a Master’s Degree in Consciousness Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy & Applied Mathematical Science. He is also a published author of the mind-expanding books: The Secret of Life, The True Nature of Our Reality and Conscious Awareness.

The Truth about our reality

More than just discovering who you really are but understanding how the world really works and how to live the successful fulfilling and impactful life you were meant to live which is your birth right.

Understanding Consciousness

Our consciousness is the underlying aspect of our thinking as believe it not, Our thoughts really do create our reality.

Understanding the various states and levels of consciousness is a gift worth taking to make that difference and have a purposeful life to be remembered by. This is what I mean when I say Nexus Legacy. Building a meaningful legacy on authentic terms


The course follows a clear progression with each insight building on the previous one. You benefit from Ronan sharing his personal experiences to support the teachings. More importantly this program focuses on ensuring you not only take in the information intellectually but you absorb it fully by personally experiencing it through various meditations, exercises and techniques.






The NEXUS Rising Course

The answers to life & living, YOU and the true nature of reality.

Its normal to want to be more, to achieve more, to be more successful to have more of an impact. 

Our mind has endless potential and is the tool we use to make things happen but much of what it believes comes from outside influences. I had the most active mind but it was just giving me reassurances and prods to follow the path I had been conditioned to follow. 

It was only when I learned to quieten that inner voice that I started to hear the other deeper more profound voice and that’s when I really started to get it and make it. 

When you can manage that constant inner voice chatter you start to make room for the deeper and more profound revelations to come through. You get to not only reach your peak flow level but remain there.

But guess what? After countless courses and degrees I finally realised that more doesn’t mean chasing more intellectual knowledge out there the real growth is in discovering and experiencing more of who you really are inside.







ronan and the sun.jpeg





With NEXUS Rising what are the real benefits?  

You'll learn about:

You'll Learn How To:

  • the different layers that make up the Self

  • how the mind works

  • your emotions 

  • how conditioning has moulded you

  • understanding and optimising relationships

  • manage mindful stress with meditation techniques for better mental health 

  • connect to and harness your intuitive self

  • master your Mind to optimise your thinking

  • make sense of your past and present experiences to create a better future

  • reach and maintain that State of peak flow

  • about new transformative possibilities and theories of reality


You will gain a deeper understanding of different states of consciousness and how they impact your daily life. AND

Get answers and clarity on the perceived turmoil in the world and figure out your role within the global awakening.

MOre Aot NEXUS Risng

Personal relationships don’t have to be sacrificed for financial success, health does not have to be compromised by our working habits. 


There is a way to be the best expression you can be in every role that you play and enjoy success in each and every one. If you’re like me I beat myself up wondering what I needed to do to be a better person, to make more of a difference and to live a legacy to be proud of.


Eventually , I realised all I have to be is the best version of me I can be. What a release it was when I eventually realised my purpose in life was to simply be the best version of me that I could be. Then I stopped playing the part others thought I should play and played my own Authentic Self. 

When you truly express who you really are those around you who love you will gravitate towards this authenticity. You will have no regrets and live a successful life in all the areas that matter. Simply, you will have made a positive difference.

Pressures of business & life

Don’t underestimate the effects that the pressures of business and life have on you. 

Stressed businessman.jpg

Our minds were not meant for the constant bombardment of information and data and so we have to adopt and train to ensure we stay at the top of our game.(soften the end of this sentence)


Mastering the mind as opposed to being controlled by our mind is crucial to our success and fulfilment and eventual legacy created.


It’s natural to feel out of place, separated, alone and inadequate constantly thinking there has to be more than this. When you address the isolated ego part of you that believes it is separate from everyone and everything else you free yourself to realise you are part and parcel of something much greater that encompasses everyone and everything.


When looking around at the world we live in you could be forgiven for thinking its falling apart. Believe it or not from a wider perspective everything is happening just in perfect balance. Being consumed by the media instilling fear in us all is common but with sciences like Transpersonal Psychology you can remove yourself from it and regain the truth about the beauty of life around us.


We are all evolving constantly

Our belief systems have dictated how we perceive our world but we have allowed external influences to control us when the truth is we can direct our thoughts to favour a more meaningful interpretation of reality. Managing your thoughts means control of your emotions and control of your reality.

Uncertainty and change is natural but most fight this relying on the past to dictate the future when present moment mindfulness and acceptance is the key to living life in the present which is really all there is.

  • Sirius Life Awakening Seminar series

  • The 12 Steps to Personal Enlightenment (course)

  • The Personal Enlightenment Meditations (course)

  • The True Nature of Our Reality Book (ebook)

  • 1 Mths FREE NEXUS Premium Membership 

  • 1 Mths NEXUS Circle Community Access

  • Discounted Rates for enrolling for NEXUS Mastery

Let me leave you with this...

I remember being told all there is, is the present moment but I didn’t get it. When I finally understood it I realised that the past is just memories, the future imagination and so all that is really important is now this present moment. More than this even was the realisation that we can change in every moment anew to a better, more aligned, successful and fulfilling present moment.


In NEXUS Rising I share how I did it and I can teach you to do the same to live the successful life you deserve.

In a world that seems to be imploding don’t you think it’s time you finally got the truth about who you really are, what the world is really about and what is the underlying force that is behind everything and everyone. 

What's Included?

What they have said...

"There are many teachers out there in the world. Some great. Some not so great. Ronan is one of the greats. His ability to enunciate the metaphysical in a clearly practical and applicable way is in a class by itself. His heartfelt way of explaining how to live a life of meaning, purpose and prosperity is exceptional. Most of us who write about metaphysical, philosophical or spiritual concepts do so in an objective, third person voice. Ronan takes you on his personal journey of self-discovery and self-actualization. That takes a considerable amount of courage and integrity. What shines through this new work of Ronan’s is a level of authenticity that is admirable.”

Leslie Fieger, Author of the Delfin Trilogy

“A wakeup call for the intellect and the Soul. Ronan Rooney takes us on a journey through his profound life journey, drawing from science, spirituality and direct experience, leaving the reader inspired to lead a meaningful life of their own, despite the circumstances we face in the world today!”

Jevon Dangeli, MSc Transpersonal Psychology Coach & Trainer

Dr Mary Hynes.jpeg

"Ronan Rooney offers us a comprehensive and clear guide to the true nature of our reality providing practical guidance to connect us with our own true path of spiritual awakening. This will appeal to all who wish to navigate their way to the authentic self. Keep this book close lest you forget who you really are in the world.”

Dr Mary Hynes, Senior Clinical Psychologist

"A passionate, inspiring call to realise our true selves and our true potential. Ronan Rooney shows that the future of the Earth is inextricably linked to the evolution of human consciousness." 

Steve Taylor PhD, author of The Leap and Extraordinary Awakenings.


“Ronan’s work convinces me even more of what I have believed for a very long time: we are missing out on what it is to be truly alive and fully aware of what we need to know and how to integrate it. Every one of us deserves a brilliant life. The ingredients are here.” 

Gareth O’Callaghan, Author | Radio Presenter


derek murray.jpeg

"Ronan distils a lifetime of exploration and insight into this far-reaching guidebook to all that really matters."

Derek Murray, Lead Guitarist The Stunning

the later you start,
the longer your surroundings,
will remain the same...

Maybe you don’t know this but your actions already have an impact on our society and the sooner you play your best part, the sooner you’ll contribute towards a bigger positive change in our world. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to make a positive impact on your loved ones right now?

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